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    AboutOne Overview
    AboutOne’s online organizer turns your phone into a remote control for your life, giving you fast, easy access to the information you need to take care of your family and home.

    AboutOne is a comprehensive online organizer, replacing tools that manage silos of information and providing a private, secure application to help organize home life. Its patent-pending technology adds online filing and reporting capabilities to existing calendar and contact tools to automatically organize, store, and share multi-media memories (text, photos, videos, artwork) and household paperwork (health, education, possessions) in lifestreams, which is the way this information flows and is used in real life.

    The AboutOne stream is a private timeline of events, recorded as life unfolds. It satisfies customers’ desires to build, share, and preserve family history while also supporting daily information needs – all with no additional effort.

    Designed for busy people looking for a simple way to organize family life, AboutOne automatically formats these streams of information, when and how they are needed, including health histories for doctor visits, babysitter/caregiver instructions, home inventories for insurance claims, education summaries for college applications, plus on- and offline access to emergency information and contacts.

    Streams can be gifted to children when they become adults, and custom-selected pieces can be shared though social media, in automatically-created family newsletters, and beautiful hardcover photo memory books.

    Now, getting organized, saving time, and being prepared is fun with AboutOne guiding and rewarding you along the way.

    AboutOne History
    Joanne Lang, AboutOne’s founder and CEO, created AboutOne based on her experience as a mom of four young boys. Joanne felt she was organized - she just wanted to spend less time getting that way. She found that while she was using LinkedIn to organize her career and Facebook to organize her social life, there was no single, private and secure app to help her quickly and easily organize her family and home life. Despite the number of tools on the market that handled silos of information, none adequately and conveniently provided assistance in managing the daily details of home and work life that she wanted and needed.

    A former SAP Labs executive specializing in cloud technology, Lang developed AboutOne after one of her sons had a medical emergency. She was away from home, with only her keys and phone, and unable to provide a list of his medications to the paramedics. She’d seen how cloud computing helped businesses gain new levels of efficiency and wanted to use her technical training and personal experiences to develop technology that simplifies a mom’s life.

    In November 2011, AboutOne was featured in Microsoft’s documentary, CTRL+ALT+COMPETE, which premiered at the Napa Valley Film Festival. The film follows AboutOne founder and CEO Joanne Lang as she faces the challenges of making her vision for AboutOne a reality.

    A majority women-owned and managed company, AboutOne recently closed over $1.8 million in Series A financing in a round led by Golden Seeds, a network of angel investors dedicated to investing in early stage companies founded and led by women.

    Target Market
    AboutOne’s target market is families – current market of 173 million. We released our public beta in March 2011, focusing primarily on the Millennial Moms (Gen Y) customer demographic. Based on the enthusiastic response and product requests we received from additional market segments, we quickly expanded our target market to include caregivers, teens applying to college, military families, and corporate customers.

    AboutOne at a Glance

    Founder and CEO
    Joanne Lang

    Year Founded
    June 2010

    Management Team
    Joanne Lang – Founder & CEO
    Tracy Keenan – Product Management
    Katrine Kubis – Director of Marketing


    Company Offices

    53 Darby Road, Suite G
    Paoli, PA 19301

    Development and Customer Support
    3400 N. Ashton Blvd., Suite 120
    Lehi, UT 84043

    Media Contact
    Katrine Kubis

    Customer Quotes

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    Mandi Ehman
    Founder & Editor: Organizing Your Way website
    Organization Specialist
    Mother of four

    “There are plenty of remote backup sites that allow you to store files and documents, but what really sets AboutOne apart is the way it helps you organize your data, documents and family memories so that everything you need is at your fingertips, allowing you to reduce the amount of paper clutter in your home.”

    Founder of Dining Resource Table for 2 and a Half
    Mother of one

    “No one in my family has ever made a holiday newsletter, but now that I have a kid, more than one person has asked me why they didn’t get a novelette in their Christmas card sharing the details of Little Man’s last 365 days on Earth. This year, I’ll just add in events, photos and other milestones as they happen, then click a button come December and let the site create one for me.”

    Mother of three

    “As a mother of three kids and a wife, I am constantly looking for ways to simplify all my information and to organize our life better. I love that AboutOne allows you to organize just about everything you can think of about yourself, your family, your finances, your house and even your friends – kept all in one convenient, easy to access spot.”

    Theo & Eli

    “Our children send us their AboutOne newsletter with news about all the members of the family. It’s like reading a diary, which makes us feel informed when we live so far apart”

    Working Dad

    “I’m an organized guy, and already keep track of all my family’s information on several spreadsheets, copies of which I keep on multiple computers for ready access. But after using AboutOne, I’m convinced that this is the better way to go. And with AboutOne I can now store all our information in one central location, which I can get at any time I want, no matter where I am, and I don’t have to worry about data loss.”

    Sales Director
    Father of two

    “This picture was taken on my son Mason’s first day of pre-school. This was a big day for the entire family. It takes just seconds to snap a photo of a special moment like this and then upload to AboutOne with a few comments. Done – preserved forever.”

    Mother of two

    “I just started using the inbox to email photos to my AboutOne account and I love it! Quick and easy to use, I can add photos, memories and milestones and include them in monthly newsletters to extended family and friends.”

    College Professor

    “My husband and I just bought a house and we are crazy busy with all the improvements we’re making to it. I love that AboutOne helps us easily record and track all the costs associated with these improvements so we’ll have that information when it comes time to sell. Plus, it’s so much fun to share our progress with friends and family through the monthly newsletter!”

    CEO and Father

    “I use AboutOne to store my family’s critical health information because since I reached my forties I can’t even remember my work colleague’s first name let alone my blood type, my last tetanus shot, my doctor’s phone number or my family’s cardiac history. Even if I only need to retrieve the data once in the future, it will be worth every cent!”

    Busy Mom

    “Wow! I’m so excited I won a free 1 year subscription. I’ve been using the trial and I LOVE it. I just started gathering up medical records, and I was so thrilled over having all of my house paint colors in one place! We’re in the middle of a remodel, and you can’t imagine how excited I was to track our contractor’s name and rating. AboutOne is exactly what I needed! I’m so appreciative of the possibilities it’s giving me and my family. Oh, and did I mention how amazing the Memory/Milestone email address is??! It’s perfect… absolutely perfect!… for my “Catchin’ Up with the Kinmans” family newsletter! Thanks!!! You can count on me to share AboutOne with all my friends!”

    Mother of three

    “My favorite part is the organization of family memories. It’s so easy to enter things that have happened for each family member and share those things with others. When you enter a memory, milestone, photo, or video there is an option to include it in that month’s newsletter. The newsletter makes it insanely easy to share things with family and friends.”

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