Ask Dr. G: Don’t Argue With Healthy Kids About How Much They Eat!

Hey Dr. G I’ve got a topic for you… making kids “clean their plate.” Growing up I was always told to finish all of my dinner. This lesson has stuck to me so well that I’ll eat past the point of being full rather than waste food. Now that I’m a parent I find myself walking a fine line between making sure my daughter eats enough, but not making her eat more than she wants to. This isn’t always easy, but I do my best.  So, how can I encourage my daughter to eat “enough” without Read more [...]

5 Tips to Eating Healthy on the Road

My family traveled for several years with my husband's job. I have to admit, in the beginning it was fun to eat at restaurants and fast food joints that were unfamiliar to us, disregarding the amount of fat, carbohydrates and calories we were consuming.  It wasn't fun to realize that I’d outgrown some of my clothes in the process. Since then, I've learned that eating healthy and maintaining my weight while traveling doesn't have to be difficult, but it does require that I'm intentional Read more [...]

Road Trip Exercises

I love taking road trips. I find it relaxing and really, the best way to get to know your Nation. There are so many great finds when driving off the beaten path. Long lost structures, old signs that may have been there before the roads were paved. Just love it! Not sure if you got the gist, I love road trips and anything they bring up.  My daughter will go on them, but she will have her electronics. When I tell her something fun is out there, she will look, say "Cool!", look around a bit more Read more [...]

Heart to Heart: Let’s Find Out Your REAL Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Here’s some fresh and helpful information on extending your life and reducing your real cardiovascular risk. 2100 people die in the U.S. every day from heart disease/heart attacks and strokes. More women than men die of heart attacks because the way they present their symptoms are very different than men’s. This largely preventable disease is still misunderstood by many family doctors, internists, and cardiologists. In order to do something to lower your risk of heart disease, you need to Read more [...]

Get Out of the PB&J Rut

By the time noon rolls around, my children are ready for a filling, nutritious lunch.  I notice a visible improvement in their mood and productivity when I've taken the time to plan and execute a GOOD lunch.  Lunch, however, can often turn into a boring peanut butter and jelly rut in our home. With a little creativity you can add some interest (and possibly excitement) to your children's lunch time. These meals are favorites in our house, and they are quick and easy to prepare. My oldest Read more [...]

How to Stay Stress-Free This Summer Season

Summer can be a stressful time for many moms. The kids are at home, camp and other activities crowd an already overflowing calendar and of course, the house needs tending to. Yes, no wonder, moms, especially those with home-based businesses, tend to dread the summer and stress levels skyrocket at this time. Here are some tips to change all that and have a soothing, serene and stress-free summer, instead: 1. Create Time for Yourself Yes, when life hands you lemons, you take the time out to make Read more [...]