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Jill seizes family time whenever she can…dinner as a family, movie night, marathon game sessions, traveling…you name it she wants to do it.

Back to School: Managing Kids at Different Schools

The snow lay on the ground, but it was not crisp and even. In fact there was hardly any snow on the parking lot. Not only was there little snow, but there were no cars. "Where was everyone?" I said out loud. My 3-year-old son sat in his car seat clutching his backpack. He was ready for preschool, but where was everyone? That morning I waved goodbye to my daughters as they boarded the school bus after three consecutive snow days. As I sat in my son's preschool parking lot I realized that while Read more [...]

Getting Organized for Kids’ Sports: Galoshes at a Swim Meet?!

Kids are supposed to get wet at a swim meet. No question. Swimming = wet. But what about the adults? This past Saturday we had the wettest and possibly most miserable swim meet ever. On that Saturday swim meet it rained. It was chilly. There was a cold wind as well. The drizzle turned to showers. The showers to a torrential downpour. After 4 hours of nonstop rain, swimmers and parents were equally soaked . Kids were wrapped in towels. Adults struggled to keep umbrellas from blowing away. The Read more [...]

Prepping for Vacation

I'm sure you remember the days when you literally threw a few outfits in a suitcase. Tossed in toiletries, a swimsuit, sunscreen, and a couple of pairs of shoes. Hey presto! You were ready for vacation. Fast forward a few years and a couple of kids and preparing for vacation is anything but easy. Right now you may be sitting at home scratching your head, wondering where to begin. Those drawers full of clothes seem daunting. Filling those suitcases seems insurmountable. The first rule of thumb Read more [...]

I’m the CEO of My Family. Yes, Really.

Am I the CEO of my family? Some years ago, I would have heard that term and snickered. CEO? "I'm not a CEO of anything," I would have said. Back then I was the mom of one child. My baby and I were a little unit. We did everything together. It was hardly work raising one child, even though I was working almost full-time as a freelance book editor. I worked while she napped. All was plain sailing during those early years. But add in another child and then another and my life got exponentially Read more [...]

What’s the Cost? Elementary Schools

Do you want to know what get's a good workout in my house? Hint: It's not me. Do you give up? The answer is my checkbook. That's right. Over the school year, my checkbook is put through it's paces. I'm constantly hauling it out to buy this or that. Doesn't matter whether it is morning, noon, or night, my checkbook had better be ready for action. While I may have spent a bundle on my kid's back-to-school wardrobe as well as his snazzy backpack filled to the brim with school supplies, I know I Read more [...]

Keep School Supplies at the Ready

Kid: Mom, I need...a new ruler...new pair of scissors...a box of tissues for the classroom...cupcakes for my birthday...a science fair display board... Mom: When do you need this by? Kid: Tomorrow! If you were a fly on the wall in my house, you would hear this conversation quite frequently. Different kid. Different item needed. Sometimes for a school project, but not always, as requests for supplies, snacks, and other items can come from the Brownie or Cub Scout leader, the soccer Read more [...]