Indoor Physical Activities for Kids

Indoor Physical Activities for Kids

Winter scenes make beautiful postcards.  As a mother of young children, though, it can be daunting to gaze out the window and see one more day of weather that means you’re stuck inside the house.

If the kids are getting restless and are no longer satisfied with coloring books and puzzles, it may be time to get blood flowing and muscles moving.  With a little creativity, supervision, and prep work, you can make this happen without the fear of your home being torn down from the inside out.

Ditch the board games for body games.

Kids need to move their large muscles.  Choosing activities that encourage them to use their arms and legs will help them burn off the energy that has been building up inside.

  • Play a game of charades.    For young children, show pictures of an animal from their favorite book or act out the specific characters in a movie.  Swim like Nemo or jump like Roo.
  • As a group, create letters with your bodies.  Use this opportunity to take some pictures and create a special book of your kids spelling out “Happy Birthday” for Grandma or “Happy Father’s Day” for Daddy.

Get moving together!

  • Put in your favorite (or least favorite) exercise video and bribe/encourage the kids to do it with you.  See who can stay with it for the longest.
  • Dance!  Put on some of your favorite tunes and boogie together.  You can even dim the lights and dress in special party clothes.  Or bring out ribbons and scarves to twirl around!

Have a snowball fight!

  • This one takes a little prep-work, but it’s worth it.  Fill pieces of old pantyhose with cotton batting and tie them up.  Test yours first to be sure, but these “snowballs” are extremely lightweight and won’t knock things over.  It’s still best to move your breakables, though, as someone might make a full-body dive to grab a snowball.  (Or maybe that’s just in my house.)
  • You can also use these “snowballs” as popcorn.  Put them on a sheet, and have everyone grab the sides.  Lift the sheet together and talk through the phases of making popcorn.  As the pan heats up, it starts to jiggle.  It gets hotter and the popcorn begins to bounce.  Finally, the pan is so hot that all of the popcorn pops!  Keep shaking the sheet together until all of the “popcorn” flies off!

There’s no doubt that beautiful days are the best for letting kids play outside to their hearts’ content.  But when outside games aren’t an option, it’s worth it for Mom to get creative and find ways for kids to use up their (abundant) energy!


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