Inspiration: The Family Bulletin Board

When I am with my son at play dates one of the things I admire most in other homes is a family bulletin board. I love seeing artwork, to-do lists, photos – all of the items that seem so behind the scene – out on display. Family bulletin boards are like a collage of the inner workings of a family.

A family bulletin board has come a long way from a simple cork board in the kitchen. Creating something that can be a true design showpiece is achievable in a weekend with just a few simple materials. I have collected some of the most stunning ideas to share with you but I know this is just the tip of the iceberg.

family bulletin board

family bulletin board

family bulletin board

We would love to see your family bulletin board: Share a link to a post or photo image!

And don’t forget to scan all of the great art and important documents and send them to your bulletin board on AboutOne. It’s easy to take a photo with your smart phone and e-mail it to your account and you can make a habit of doing it every time you rotate art or documents out of your family bulletin board at home.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration: The Family Bulletin Board

  1. My family lives and dies by our family bulletin board_s_! In our family of 6, 4 of us have ADHD, including myself. As such we have a white board in our dining room where we keep track of groceries needed and whatever we have to buy for the household or the family. We also write little messages to each other on this board, love notes and reminders. You’d think that this would be enough, but no. We also have a large monthly calendar white board to keep track of meetings, and family appointments, and camping trips, big school projects. On the bottom there is a little cork board for important papers (like our school calendar)… This is in our foyer. Beyond this we also have a black dry-erase board on the bathroom door where we post reminders for the kids and each other… “M. Don’t forget your laundry is in the dryer.” kind of stuff. If we didn’t have these multiple boards, along with the agenda on my smartphone, we’d be so lost… But it works! :D

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